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Spain (21 %)
Latvia (21 %)
Ireland (23 %)
Netherlands (21 %)
Austria (20 %)
Greece (24 %)
Croatia (25 %)
Luxembourg (17 %)
Cyprus (19 %)
Estonia (20 %)
Malta (18 %)
Poland (23 %)
France (20 %)
Lithuania (21 %)
Portugal (23 %)
Romania (19 %)
Sweden (25 %)
Czech Republic (21 %)
Germany (19 %)
Hungary (27 %)
Slovenia (22 %)
Belgium (21 %)
Finland (24 %)
Italy (22 %)
Bulgaria (20 %)
Denmark (25 %)
Slovakia (20 %)

Popular use cases

Every second, our infrastructure and in-house developed applications make secure and stable access to content, games as well as real-time communication possible.

Our services enable customers to run their valueable business at any time of the day, without the necessity of high upfront invest and complex technical knowledge.


High capacity network infrastructure allows for congestion free, low latency gaming experience. Coupled with our inhouse built DDoS-Protection, we do offer you best-in-class end-user experience.

Video Streaming

Serve thousands of simultaneous clients with our high-performance Cloud- and Dedicated Servers, offering low pre-commited bandwidth prices and port-capacity from multiple of 10 to 100Gbps.

VPN Providers

Provisioning of affordable ip-space and bandwidth capacity provide a secure heaven for VPN services at any scale, offering your customers low network latency and reliable connection.

Content Distribution

Our developed and well-thought network allows for content distribution at competitive prices in regards to bandwidth and port sizes.

Cloud Provider

Run your compute workloads with us, without investing on your own into expensive server- and network infrastructure. We provide you with powerful and individual servers to sustain your business demand.

Any other hosted infrastructure

You are greatly served with our services. We offer you network and server capacity as well as DDoS-Protection against cyber threats, letting your business grow with a reliable partner on your side.

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Servers, Colocation and DDoS-Protection to support your business demands