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40Gbps Dedicated Server

Baremetal plans with ipmi access, automated reinstallation and up to 100Gbps connection. Ready-to-use within 30 seconds.

Discover our wide-ranging 40Gbps Dedicated Servers

Pick from our a-la-carté stock of Dedicated Servers suited for demanding projects

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Prices already contain 19% sales vat depending on the selected country of origin
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Get started in seconds

Without waiting time, our in-stock servers are automatically delivered within just 30 seconds.
Automated operating system installations allow usage of your server after a couple of minutes from ordering with various Linux OS.

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Baremetal hardware

We offer both pre-built configurations and individual solutions. We strive for quick deployment and enterprise components, built for continuity while delivering outstanding performance for demanding workloads.

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Strong connectivity

Pick from 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps network connectivity. Flexibly upgrade to custom traffic commitments starting at 1,25€ each TB or 0,20€ per Mbit 95/5, as low as 1200€ for 10Gbps Flatrate.

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Replicate our modern interface into your own technology stack, all features are available from our restful API, allowing for modern, automated software architecture.

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Excellent interface

Manage all your cloud instances and images from our modern, self-made customer interface. Thought user-friendly, built for usability with almost zero waiting times.

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Flexible enhancements

Add BGP-Sessions and Subnets, get Layer2 Transport Connections to other datacenters, securely access IPMI and get your servers hosted within a isolated internal network.

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Discover our service addons

Addons are additional services that can be added to your service and are billed separately.

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Prices already contain 19% sales vat depending on the selected country of origin
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Multiple regions available

Choose between different regions from Germany, Netherlands and Finland. Regions are interconnected using our own fiber network.

  • Frankfurt am Main Region, Germany
  • Eygelshoven, Limburg Region, Netherlands
  • Tuusula, Helsinki Region, Finland
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DDoS-Protection included free-of-charge

Our DDoS-Protection protects your business-critical services from malicious DDoS-Attacks.


To adjust our DDoS-Protection to your individual needs, you can use our interface to create custom rules which adjust the behaviour before and during DDoS-Mitigation.

High capacity

We operate a multi-stage DDoS-Protection with a total capacity of 3200Gbps. Additionally, bigger attacks ranging multiple Terabits are automatically filtered at our carriers.

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Modern interface

Use our self-developed interface to order and manage your services. Perform service-related actions or contact our customer support with just a few clicks!

  • Fast and easy to use, modern web interface
  • Start, shutdown and re-install the OS of your server
  • View server inventory and live-sensor details
  • Start IPMI session for self-management
Dedicated Overview Dedicated Inventory IP Address Management Flexrule Creation
Control all aspects of your dedicated server from within our brand new customer area.


Discover our commonly answered questions, for anything else we are happy to get in touch.

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Can I get another provider connected?
Dedicated Server offers are carrier neutral. If you want to get another provider connected, we do offer the possibility to connect a dedicated layer2 transport channel to your server using a seperate 10G/40G/100G uplink. You can connect any available provider at Digitalrealty (Interxion) Frankfurt or Equinix FR4-FR7.
Do you offer IPMI Access?
Yes, we do offer IPMI Access. This is a secured, whitelisted access done through one of our so called access gateways. To gain IPMI Access, you need to click the acquire connection button within our customer area, allowing your external ip-address to access your servers ipmi.
Do you offer custom builds?
We do, just hit us a support ticket with your needs and we’ll get you a offer ready. Custom builds are usually live within 14 days. We have some decent stock available, which can be ordered 24x7 and is delivered within 30 seconds.
How much bandwidth should I expect?
Each uplink is dedicated, fully usable and connects to our congestion free network. If you order a larger uplink like 10Gbps/40Gbps/100Gbps, you can use it at any time. Same applies for smaller and larger uplinks, there is no sharing between customers, we make sure to preserve a decent amount of unused, fault-tolerant bandwidth across our network.

Available payment methods

We do offer multiple payment methods such as SEPA Bank Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, PayPal and Crypto-Payment with Bitcoin.

SEPA Bank Transfer

Customers can transfer credit from their bank to customer account. Usually, SEPA Bank transfer payments are available within 24 hours on regular business days.

SEPA Direct Debit

Automated payment through SEPA Direct Debit, automatically paying your monthly invoice. Available after one bank transfer payment for customers within SEPA regions.


We offer paypal express checkout, to safely top-up your account credit from your paypal credit or linked bank account with zero delay.


You can anonymously top-up your account credit using the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. The credit is usually available within 30-90 minutes after payment.