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Spain (21 %)
Latvia (21 %)
Ireland (23 %)
Netherlands (21 %)
Austria (20 %)
Greece (24 %)
Croatia (25 %)
Luxembourg (17 %)
Cyprus (19 %)
Estonia (20 %)
Malta (18 %)
Poland (23 %)
France (20 %)
Lithuania (21 %)
Portugal (23 %)
Romania (19 %)
Sweden (25 %)
Czech Republic (21 %)
Germany (19 %)
Hungary (27 %)
Slovenia (22 %)
Belgium (21 %)
Finland (24 %)
Italy (22 %)
Bulgaria (20 %)
Denmark (25 %)
Slovakia (20 %)

Network Connectivity

Reach your customers any better with affordable IP-Transit and Network Transport services deployed on our EVPN fabric.

Network Connectivity for your bandwidth needs

Enhance your client reach, benefit from our 100Gbps ready network, featuring low latency while offering great connectivity to end-users in popular regions.

IP-Transit describes the delivery of a physical port within one of our on-net datacenter locations, perfectly suited to benefit from our low latency network and it's capacity. Transport, often known as Layer2 Transport or DWDM Wavelength, offering a versatile and straightforward way to interconnect different physical datacenter presences.

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We offer our customers with typical port-sizes ranging from 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps to 100Gbps or multiple ports with LACP and VRRP. Billing happens at 95/5 percentile, while we just require a minimum commitment of 10% CDR. Fullstack BGP-Session is included, the service can be combined rapidly with DDoS-Protection.

Layer2 Transport

Interconnect with other network operators, internet exchanges or run multi-region architecture on top of our 100Gbps ready EVPN fabric at 9000 byte MTU. Layer2 Transport is fail-safe and can be provisioned quickly to fulfill your connectivity needs, without investing on your own into expensive infrastructure.

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DWDM Wavelength

Within selected datacenter regions, we offer DWDM Wavelength as duplex singlemode ports on our multiplexing equipment, allowing you to save valueable investment, while you can lit the line up to 400Gbps.