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Protect your services from unwanted traffic trying to render them offline. Perfect for service providers, aiming to protect their individual online services and customers.

DDoS-Protection for your critical applications

Protect your online services from malicious attacks trying to render them offline. aurologic DDoS-Protection can be custom tailored and allows for high capacity.

Internet services these days are often targets of DDoS attacks, which flood the server with network requests so that it can not longer be reached to disrupt your operations and your reputation, which is the most important aspect of your business. aurologic DDoS-Protection protects your business from these attacks and is included free-of-charge with Cloud and Dedicated Servers as well as Colocation, while we offer the same to protect your externally hosted infrastructure with our in-house built software stack.

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Network and Application Filtering

Thwart attacks, our DDoS-Protection authenticates incoming data packets against multiple filtration stages, being applied automatically whenever a attack is detected or manually in permanent mode. By providing filters up to application layer, your business stays online and keeps going, while you dont need to take care of costly infrastructure.

Flexibly configurable

Configure every DDoS-Protection aspect either from our interface or API. Manage detection and filtration rules tied to your use-case, fitting your business best. Using our API you can do the same for your customers, offering a truly competitive service.

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Advanced insights

Gain insight into incidents, featuring attack strength and flow samples, to identify ongoing and past attacks. Get an overview, whats going on your ip-address space and react according to your needs.

DDoS-Protection Methods

Suiting your needs best, we offer three different methods to protect your services from DDoS-Attacks.

Reverse Proxy

Our infrastructure filters your incoming http(s) traffic and only forwards the filtered and clean traffic to your server. Best for websites and webapplications, starting as of 750€ monthly.

Infrastructure Protection

Provisioned either as GRE-Tunnel or physical Crossconnect in one of our on-net regions, offering network and application protection using BGP, starting as of 1750€ monthly.

On-Premise Appliance

We're offering a appliance being hosted in your datacenter locations, our experts take care of it's operation, starting as of 1250€ monthly.

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Highly customizable

Using our advanced web- and api interface, you can customize the behaviour of our ddos protection to adjust it to your individual needs.

  • View incidents including statistics and samples
  • Deploy custom flowrules, flexrules and thresholds
  • Tighten or lessen mitigation for your ip-space
  • Configure application protection to your needs
DDoS Incidents DDoS Incident Detail DDos Routing Overview Flowproxy Virtual Hosts sFlow Details
Control all aspects of our DDoS-Protection using our webinterface. We also offer a fully featured API, to integrate our DDoS-Protection into your own infrastructure.
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Free-of-charge with most of our services

With the following of our services, DDoS-Protection is already included:


Discover our commonly answered questions, for anything else we are happy to get in touch.

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Which applications do you protect?
We aim to provide application profiles and filters for most common use-cases. For example, we made a lot of effort, to implement filters for typical gameserver applications as well as http for webservers. As our DDoS-Protection stack is dynamic and we have full control, we can adapt to our customers and market trends quickly.
Can I configure my own rules?
Yes, of course! Customers can configure their own flexrules, which are deployed during active mitigation, allowing to accept, discard or change mitigation behavior. Beside of that, flowrules and thresholds allow to control when DDoS-Filters are activated.
How much capacity is your DDoS-Protection?
We do operate multiple stages of DDoS-Protection, therefore we can not set a fixed mitigation capacity. For example BGP Flowspec rules, which we automatically push to our carriers, can tank theoretically multiple Terabit of volumetric attacks, while other attacks might be smaller and get handled by our in-house developed DDoS-Filters called flowShield and flowProxy. At the moment, the advertised capacity is 3200Gbps. This is sufficient for the current state of attacks we mitigate on a daily basis.
How much insight do I get?
You get access to almost every data we process and store. These are sflow samples, metrics as well as incidents, providing you with valueable insight on whats happening.