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Empower your client reach, host your servers in our Colocation datacenters with elastic, carrier-neutral connectivity options.

Discover our popular Colocation services

Host your owned hardware within our high available, secure datacenters. Colocation offers a professional environment to operate owned hardware, including appropiate cooling, power and network connectivity up to multiple 100Gbps.

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Onsite service

We know how important great onsite service within the datacenter can be. Our datacenter locations have 24x7 available personnel, which can carry out tasks such as installations, hardware replacement and cable replugging.

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Strong connectivity

Pick from 1Gbps, 10Gbps, 40Gbps and 100Gbps network connectivity. Flexibly upgrade to custom traffic commitments starting at 1,25€ each TB or 0,20€ per Mbit 95/5. All of that dedicated and always usable.

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Flexible enhancements

Add BGP Sessions, route Subnets, attach satellite channels to your servers and get wavelengths to major datacenter locations are just some of the solutions we offer. Contact us for more individual solutions.

1U Rackspace

from 35.70per month + 105.91 € one-time setup fee
  • 1U in 19" shared Rack
  • Tornado Datacenter FRA1
  • 1Gbps Uplink - up to n*100Gbps
  • ATS protected PDU Feed (A+B)
  • 10TB Transfer incl. (0.952€/TB)
  • Max. 300W power draw
  • 0.4165€ per kWh electricity
  • Free racking of your hardware
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10U Rackspace

from 148.75per month + 148.75 € one-time setup fee
  • 10U Rackspace in 19" shared Rack
  • Tornado Datacenter FRA1
  • 10Gbps Uplink - up to n*100Gbps
  • 2x 16A CEE 7/4 A+B Power
  • 25TB Transfer incl. (0.952€/TB)
  • Max. 1500 Watt power draw
  • 0.4165€ per kWh electricity
  • 24x7 Datacenter Access
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20U Rackspace

from 297.50per month + 297,50 € one-time setup fee
  • 20U in 19" shared Rack
  • Tornado Datacenter FRA1
  • 2x 10Gbps Uplink included
  • 2x 16A CEE 7/4 A+B Power
  • 50TB Transfer incl. (0.952€/TB)
  • Max. 3000 Watt power draw
  • 0.4165€ per kWh electricity
  • 24x7 Datacenter Access
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42U Private Rack

from 464.10per month + 297.50 € one-time setup fee
  • 42U in 19" private Rack
  • Tornado Datacenter FRA1
  • 2x 10Gbps Uplink included
  • 2x 32A CEE 3P 6h A+B Power
  • 100TB Transfer incl. (0.952€/TB)
  • Max. 6000 Watt power draw
  • 0.4165€ per kWh electricity
  • 24x7 Datacenter Access
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WIFI icon Looking for more traffic? Starting as of 200 € per month, we do offer 1 Gbps Flatrate (95/5) on an uplink you can freely choose, e.g. 10 Gbps / 2x 10Gbps / 2x 40Gbps / 100Gbps

Prices already contain 19% sales vat depending on the selected country of origin
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Replicate our modern interface into your own technology stack, all features are available from our restful API, allowing for modern, automated software architecture.

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Excellent interface

Manage your services from our modern, self-made customer interface. Thought user-friendly, built for usability with almost zero waiting times.

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Discover our service addons

Addons are additional services that can be added to your service and are billed separately.

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Prices already contain 19% sales vat depending on the selected country of origin
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DDoS-Protection included free-of-charge

Our DDoS-Protection protects your business-critical services from malicious DDoS-Attacks.


To adjust our DDoS-Protection to your individual needs, you can use our interface to create custom rules which adjust the behaviour before and during DDoS-Mitigation.

High capacity

We operate a multi-stage DDoS-Protection with a total capacity of 3200Gbps. Additionally, bigger attacks ranging multiple Terabits are automatically filtered at our carriers.

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Discover our commonly answered questions, for anything else we are happy to get in touch.

Contact us
In which datacenters do you offer colocation?
We do basically offer colocation in every datacenter we are located in. In some of them, only full racks, in others single units or quarter racks. If our Frankfurt, Germany offers do not fit your needs, feel free to get in touch to discuss any other options such as Netherlands or Finland for example.
Do I get 24x7 access on my hardware?
Starting with a quarter rack (10U), you get 24x7 access to your hardware, after signing our visitor contract as well as once your access has been set-up during regular business hours. Single unit colocation does not allow access, hardware maintenance must be carried out by us on a hands-on basis.
Can I get another provider connected?
Colocation offers are carrier neutral. If you want to get another provider connected, we do offer the possibility to connect a dedicated layer2 transport channel to your server using a seperate 10G/40G/100G uplink. You can connect any available provider at Digitalrealty (Interxion) Frankfurt or Equinix FR4-FR7. We are also open to special solutions such as your own darkfibre into a different datacenter.
Do you offer remotehands?
We know about the importance of intelligent and quick remotehands. Surely, this is available in all locations we offer, on a 24x7 basis, saving you valueable time and allowing for short reaction.
How does the power provisioning work?
You commit to a specific amount of power usage allowance, which is variable on a monthly basis. This is a fixed price, which is 25€ per 250W or 70€ per 1kW. It covers the operational costs of the infrastructure like cooling. Utilized power is metered in kWh and seperately billed in kWh used at the beginning of a new month for the past month.