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Welcome to aurologic!

We are your partner for custom server hosting and network services, with a strong focus on high bandwidth solutions.

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Empowering customer success

For more than 10 years, our experts helped large enterprises to grow stronger by attaining excellence with complex and large infrastructures.

Empowering our customers with match-less infrastructure and tooling, we built our own ecosystem to host large scale workloads as well as to provide protection against DDoS-Attacks.

Discover our services

Servers, Colocation and DDoS-Protection to support your business demands

Trusted by our customers:
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Explore why you should work with us

Nothing but the best: Resilient infrastructure and top-notch customer service

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Customer support

Our team strives for quick and helpful support answers, having customer satisfaction always in mind. With various SLA available, we do support even very critical business demands.

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Failsafe infrastructure

Our infrastructure architecture is built failure resilient and is heavily monitored based on our experience of more than 10 years, aiming for the highest uptime in industry.

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Our services come with our inhouse developed DDoS-Protection. Customization such as your own configuration can be deployed through our Webinterface and Restful API. Learn more

You will love our modern webinterface

Manage all your services from just a few clicks, without waiting times - brought to you by our enthusiastic inhouse developers.

  • Order and manage your services and addons with us
  • Create regular and prioritized support requests
  • Configure DDoS-Protection to your needs
  • Check account billing and payments
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Control all aspects of your services using our brand new webinterface. We're constantly improving it to make it even better.
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Top-notch enterprise network connectivity

Our reliable network is the backbone of your services. Introducing AS30823, which allows us to provide a high bandwidth quality mix, constantly adapting to our customers needs while offering a congestion free network. Learn more


You can fully integrate all processes of our webinterface into your own systems. We offer an API which can carry out all the tasks our panel can - including a Swagger API documentation which documents every endpoint and its response to make integration easier for developers.

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