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Spain (21 %)
Latvia (21 %)
Ireland (23 %)
Netherlands (21 %)
Austria (20 %)
Greece (24 %)
Croatia (25 %)
Luxembourg (17 %)
Cyprus (19 %)
Estonia (20 %)
Malta (18 %)
Poland (23 %)
France (20 %)
Lithuania (21 %)
Portugal (23 %)
Romania (19 %)
Sweden (25 %)
Czech Republic (21 %)
Germany (19 %)
Hungary (27 %)
Slovenia (22 %)
Belgium (21 %)
Finland (24 %)
Italy (22 %)
Bulgaria (20 %)
Denmark (25 %)
Slovakia (20 %)


Our datacenters are located in premier internet hubs, offering efficient ecological reachability to your target user group, while ensuring best-in-class connectivity and availability.

Our services are operated in modern, state-of-the-art datacenters, offering redundancy on infrastructure and network level.

Physical security measures make sure your services and data are safely hosted with us, while you gain the most flexibility on the market combined with great uptime at an affordable price. Our datacenters make sure your service works flawlessly at any time of the day.

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Network connectivity

In our datacenter locations, we run at least a n+1 redundant, highly available core network configuration, consisting of latest-generation Juniper and Arista network devices, while every location features diverse fiber interconnection and upstream options with multiple 100Gbps links.


Environment friendly

To ensure a sustainable operation, we strive to select environment friendly datacenters for our services. This includes a low-as-possible PUE, being backed by efficient UPS and Cooling, which results in a more affordable pricing for our customers, while we avoid unnecessarily wasted energy.

Large stock on hardware-parts

We have spare parts of every device in stock directly in each region. Therefore, we can offer immediate replacements for defunct parts, avoiding unnecessary waiting times.

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24x7 Oncall Duty

To allow for swift response and constant liveness of our services, we do run a distributed monitoring, constantly keeping track of its health. In case of anomalies, our oncall duty is actively paged through different communication channels.

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