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Cloud Server

Located in state-of-the-art data centers, we offer top-tier connectivity and dedicated resources for your workloads.

Discover the new era of Cloud Servers

Servers are hosted on scalable compute within our network

Intel Xeon Gold
AMD Ryzen 9 7950X
CPU Cores 1 Core @ 2.4GHz+
Memory 2GB
Storage 30GB rsb.ha3 SSD
1Gbps Connection 20TB Bandwidth
Pricing 6,66 € monthly
CPU Cores 2 Cores @ 2.4GHz+
Memory 4GB
Storage 80GB rsb.ha3 SSD
10Gbps Connection Unlimited Bandwidth
Pricing 14,40 € monthly
CPU Cores 2 Cores @ 2.4GHz+
Memory 8GB
Storage 120GB rsb.ha3 SSD
10Gbps Connection Unlimited Bandwidth
Pricing 26,36 € monthly
CPU Cores 4 Cores @ 2.4GHz+
Memory 16GB
Storage 160GB rsb.ha3 SSD
10Gbps Connection Unlimited Bandwidth
Pricing 50,22 € monthly
CPU Cores 6 Cores @ 2.4GHz+
Memory 32GB
Storage 250GB rsb.ha3 SSD
10Gbps Connection Unlimited Bandwidth
Pricing 95,50 € monthly
CPU Cores 8 Cores @ 2.4GHz+
Memory 64GB
Storage 500GB rsb.ha3 SSD
10Gbps Connection Unlimited Bandwidth
Pricing 192,78 € monthly

Scale storage as needed

Choose between SAS, SSD or NVMe based storage hosted on tripple replica ceph cluster, with guaranteed IOPS available.

rhb.ha3 SAS 150 IOPS - 0,75€/GB
rsb.ha3 SSD 900 IOPS - 1,35€/GB
rnb.ha3 NVMe 2250 IOPS - 1,95€/GB
Prices already contain 19% sales vat depending on the selected country of origin
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Ultra fast deployment

Without waiting, spin-up new instances, usually in under 10 seconds. Instances are cloud-init ready, while any actions are event-based, allowing quick interaction with our platform. Rapidly deploy instances on latest Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and Alma Linux distributions.

Solid, highly available storage

Best-in-class data safety based on CEPH block-storage allows for a flexible, highly secure environment. Using n+1 redundant components across our cloud environment, allows for industry best availability.

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Lightspeed network connectivity

Our cloud servers were built for bandwidth-intense application. Our compute nodes offer 80Gbps network connectivity each, as well as each rack more than 500Gbps, industry fastest network connectivity.

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Discover our service addons

Addons are additional services that can be added to your service and are billed separately.

Order service addon
Prices already contain 19% sales vat depending on the selected country of origin

Discover all advantages of our cloud servers

Our cloud servers are made for high demanding customers, just like you.

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Replicate our modern interface into your own technology stack, all features are available from our restful API, enabling modern, automated software architecture.

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Excellent interface

Manage all your cloud instances and images from our modern, self-made customer interface. Thought user-friendly, built for usability with almost zero waiting times.

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Flexible enhancements

Add additional storage, attach/detach Images, insert your own ISO image, securely access the VNC Console, route Subnets and add BGP Sessions - allowing for ultimate flexibility.

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DDoS-Protection included free-of-charge

Our DDoS-Protection protects your business-critical services from malicious DDoS-Attacks.


To adjust our DDoS-Protection to your individual needs, you can use our interface to create custom rules which adjust the behaviour before and during DDoS-Mitigation.

High capacity

We operate a multi-stage DDoS-Protection with a total capacity of 3200Gbps. Additionally, bigger attacks ranging multiple Terabits are automatically filtered at our carriers.

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Discover our commonly answered questions, for anything else we are happy to get in touch.

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What kind of data security does your storage provide?
We utilize a CEPH RBD based storage environment, which provides us with tripple data replication. This means, your data is three times stored on at least three physical servers, which only task it is, to provide storage. Beside of that, we use enterprise grade drives, which are made for 24x7 datacenter operation, provide the maximum TBW (terabytes written) on the market as well as a pretty high amount of IOPS possible. A drive could fail and its data stored on the other two storage servers, would be immediately replicated on the remaining drives, which allows for self healing, while we can just simply swap the failed drive without any downtime or data-loss to your services.
Are your Cloud Servers suitable for large bandwidth deployments?
Yes, absolutely. We’re glad to host bandwidth intensive applications. If you’re running a application which is constantly doing multiple gigabit, we're more than happy to host you. As our compute nodes offer 80Gbps network connectivity each, as well as our compute racks more than 500Gbps, our infrastructure preserves the necessary capacity. If you're looking for more than 1Gbps connection speed, hit us a support ticket and we get 10Gbps arranged for your instances.
Do you offer BGP-Sessions?
We do, these are provisioned on our core equipment, so to speak proper Arista/Juniper based routers. At the moment, this is a manual task and we always strictly filter each downstream session on max prefix-limit as well as prefix-lists. BGP-Sessions are available at 25,00€ per month as well as a 50€ one-time setup fee.
Which virtualization do you use?
For Cloud Servers, we are based on KVM virtualization, using our own event-based application stack. This is our Golang based development, which uses Apache Kafka for quick communication on the so called ‘event-bus’, where dozens of microservices connect to, making us able to provide a speedy service, resulting in a modern user experience.
How does your infrastructure look like?
We mainly distinguish between two types of servers, compute and storage. Compute are physical virtualization nodes, providing cpu and memory resources, storage provides only data storage resources for rbd images attached to instances. Compute and Storage are hosted in seperate racks, which house up to 32 physical servers and eight 40/100G n+1 redundant switches, forming a virtual chassis each. Those racks connect to our storage and network core switches using lacp channels with multiple 100Gbps of capacity. For storage and network core, we utilize 4/8-Slot Arista Chassis with 40/100G linecards, supplying our cloud environment with n+1 redundant connectivity. To copy storage images between regions, we have hardware encryption devices in place, which do encrypt every single byte between them, offering a secure internal network for off-site backups and multi-region copy jobs.
What cpu instructions are available?
Any available cpu instructions are passed through, while the name of the processor remains virtualized for compability reasons and the possibility of live migration between compute nodes.
How do you utilize your hardware?
All resources are unshared, beside of cpu cores. Unshared means, you can always fully use your memory, while making sure, each compute has a maximum load of about 75%. We do not over-sell or over-provision, no memory ballooning or any other tricks to squeeze out the last few bytes - we focus on providing a stable, rock-solid service, which offers a secure environment for your services.
How much bandwidth should I expect?
This is fully dedicated, non-shared bandwidth. Each compute node comes with at least 2x 40Gbps (80Gbps total) Nvidia Mellanox based public/private network interfaces, connecting on two diverse 32-Port virtual chassis switches as LACP Channel for redundancy. You can expect the promoted bandwidth to be fully available, we do run a congestion free network consisting of thousands of 40/100Gbps interfaces. Every instance has access to 16 combined rx/tx virtio network interface queues, allowing for high performance.
Am I able to install my own ISO image?
Yes! You can import a maximum of a 30GB image onto a storage image from a http/https source. This can be either some raw image, for example if you want to bring your own golden image, or an iso image attached as virtual cdrom drive. Custom installations can be carried out using the vnc console.
What happens after using up the included monthly traffic?
We behold the right, to ratelimit your server to 10% of it’s bandwidth available. If you have a 1Gbps Uplink, your instance will eventually get throttled down to 100Mbit till the end of the month, whenever traffic has been used up. You can book more bandwidth to circumvent this limitation or arrange special deals like 10Gbit flatrate at just 1200€ per month.

Available payment methods

We do offer multiple payment methods such as SEPA Bank Transfer, SEPA Direct Debit, PayPal and Crypto-Payment with Bitcoin.

SEPA Bank Transfer

Customers can transfer credit from their bank to customer account. Usually, SEPA Bank transfer payments are available within 24 hours on regular business days.

SEPA Direct Debit

Automated payment through SEPA Direct Debit, automatically paying your monthly invoice. Available after one bank transfer payment for customers within SEPA regions.


We offer paypal express checkout, to safely top-up your account credit from your paypal credit or linked bank account with zero delay.


You can anonymously top-up your account credit using the popular cryptocurrency bitcoin. The credit is usually available within 30-90 minutes after payment.

Looking for baremetal hardware instead?

Check out our dedicated server offers, which are deployed in just 30 seconds.

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